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ARENA backs study on converting household organics waste to renewable energy

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has awarded the Logan City Council with a $291,785 grant to investigate the potential of producing renewable energy from food and garden waste. 

Human brains are naturally wired to act like supercomputers, confirms scientists in new study

The human brain is naturally equipped to perform intricate calculations, akin to high-powered computers, through a process known as Bayesian inference, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

Novonix unveils results of Hatch’s engineering study on proprietary zero-waste cathode synthesis process

Novonix, an ASX-listed manufacturer of battery materials and technology, has announced the results of the Hatch engineering report on its proprietary cathode synthesis process. 

Australian researchers use quantum computer to observe 100-billionth-speed slow-mo

A team of scientists at the University of Sydney have successfully demonstrated the potential of quantum technology in exploring new designs in material science, drugs, or solar energy harvesting by slowing down a process critical in chemical reactions by a factor of 100 billion times. 

S&T researchers develop 3D-printed dressings for better wound treatment

Missouri S&T researchers are developing new 3D-printed hydrogel dressings to hasten and improve the healing process for patients with second-degree burns.

New research from AMGTA reveals sustainable impacts of binder jet 3D printing

The Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA), a global advocacy organisation dedicated to promoting sustainable additive manufacturing (AM) industry practises, has commissioned a study to compare the manufacturing impact of binder jet 3D printing to traditional metal casting. 

Scientists develop computer chip that mimics human vision, memory abilities

Researchers at RMIT University have developed a tiny device that mimics the human brain's ability to see and remember things, which they describe as a “promising step” towards having applications that can make rapid, complex decisions such as in self-driving cars.

New material for thermal imaging lenses discovered by Flinders researchers

Researchers from Flinders University have discovered a new, inexpensive material that may be used to create thermal imaging lenses, hinting at new manufacturing uses for the technology.

Jellybean quantum dots serve as solution for overcrowded circuitry – UNSW scientists say

Engineers at UNSW Sydney have taken a major step towards solving a long-standing problem about giving qubits – the basic units of quantum information – more breathing space by developing a jellybean-shaped quantum dot.

AMGTA-commissioned research paper compares manufacturing methods to determine production sustainability

In an effort to address the need and demand for more sustainable manufacturing as well as more robust and flexible supply chains in a strategically, financially, and environmentally beneficial way, ongoing collaborations between additive manufacturing technology developers and practitioners are paving the way.

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