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Aussie engineers use 2D printing process to manufacture nano-thin memory chips

Engineers at the University of Sydney have developed a 2D printing process using liquid metals that could pave the way to manufacturing more advanced and energy-efficient computing hardware at the nanoscale. 

Ensuring Sydney’s place as a global hub for quantum

Media Release Sydney Quantum Academy is working to create thousands of well-paid, high-tech jobs building on the city's quantum strengths. At an online forum officially launching...

Scientists join forces in search for dark matter at new Centre

Media Release Researchers from some of Australia’s top universities will come together to begin their seven-year journey to discover dark matter at the new ARC...

Naval Group a founding partner in future Australian innovation hub, AMDC

Media Release Naval Group Pacific to collaborate with Government, academia and industry in world-class Australian R&D initiative to launch in Q1 2020. Naval Group Pacific has...

New Institute to focus on creating ethically aware AI

CSIRO’s Data61, IAG and The University of Sydney have jointly established an independent not-for-profit organisation to research the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) and...

CSIRO-led breakthrough could make graphene production commercially viable

A new collaboration spearheaded by CSIRO scientists has resulted in the development of a novel technology that could make the production of graphene –the...

Aussie scientists synthesize super hard hexagonal diamond created only through meteorite impact

An international project led by the Australian National University has resulted in the development of a diamond that could be useful for cutting through...

University of Sydney opens cutting-edge mechatronics lab

The University of Sydney is set to open a new state-of-the-art laboratory, which will provide an excellent learning curve for more than 240 mechatronic...

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