The Australian Made effect on food in export markets

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The Australian Made, Australian Grown (AMAG) logo is a global icon. Instantly recognisable and well-regarded, the green and gold kangaroo is internationally known as a marker of genuine Australian Made products made to Australia’s high standards.

Research conducted on over 4,000 participants across six countries* has shown that 97% of overseas consumers have a positive first impression of the AMAG logo, perceiving certified Australian Made products as safe, ethical and high quality. Using the logo on products sold in export markets allows consumers to instantly make the ‘Australian connection’, providing recognisable third-party accreditation and capturing attention.

Certifying food products with the green and gold kangaroo not only provides consumers with confidence about the product’s origin, it also leads to a greater likelihood of purchase. 87% of overseas consumers surveyed believed that products carrying the AMAG logo were genuinely made in Australia, and 72% became intrigued about the product once they saw the logo.

The international appeal of Australia’s high manufacturing and safety standards is a significant driver for many consumers to seek out genuinely Australian Made food items. 52% of overseas consumers surveyed preferred Australian food & non-alcoholic beverages over similar imported products, and 59% expressed their preference for Australian products when it came to wine, beer & spirits.

Whilst Australian food and beverage products sold domestically can no longer carry the AMAG certification trademark (instead, most must carry the Government’s mandatory country of origin food label), the logo can be applied to exported food products to great advantage. Using the AMAG logo on food products in export markets is a powerful marketing tool due to the positive reputation associated with Australia and trust in the logo.

In export markets, licenced food products can use the certification mark on product labelling, advertising, point-of-sale material, brand activations and trade shows. Products can also include approved descriptors such as ‘Australian Made’, ‘Product of Australia’, ‘Australian Grown’, Australian Seafood or ‘Australian’ directly underneath the logo, rather than the mandatory food labelling chart.

Additionally, the AMAG logo is a registered trademark in China, the European Union, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and Vietnam. This ensures a solid legal framework in each jurisdiction for the protection of the logo – and, by extension, the brands that carry it.

Displaying the AMAG trademark not only provides overseas consumers with the confidence that your products are genuinely Australian Made but aligns your products with Australia’s positive international reputation.

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* Horizon Consumer Science surveyed 4,404 participants across Canada, China, France, UAE, UK and USA.