Titomic secures cold spray system order from French Ministry of the Armed Forces

Image credit: titomic.com

Metal additive manufacturing company Titomic Limited announced the receipt of a purchase order from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces for a D523 low-pressure cold spray system. 

The D523 system was sold to the Ministry for EUR 58,379 (AUD 99,168), which purchased it on behalf of the Navy Nationale’s Fleet Support Service.

According to the ASX-listed company, the D523 system is expected to be used for the French Navy’s fleet sustainment and maintenance, specifically to prevent corrosion, restore worn surfaces, and restore part geometries in situ, allowing for faster, more cost-effective maintenance.

Titomic’s substantial entry into the European defence industry is highlighted by the sale, which demonstrates expanding relevance in the maritime realm, notably for naval purposes.

The company also revealed the sale not only provides a compelling example for other navies throughout the world, but it also confirms the concept that such ventures carry significant international promise.

Herbert Koeck, managing director of Titomic, said the sale of a D523 cold spray system to the French Navy is a significant accomplishment for the company.

“This strategic entry into the European defence sector sets the stage for potential growth and collaboration and provides a further platform to demonstrate Titomic’s innovative technology in the European defence industry,” he noted. 

Koeck said Titomic looks forward to expanding sales in Europe and other key areas across the world, emphasising the deal demonstrates the rising confidence and knowledge of Titomic’s unique technological capabilities.

Titomic Limited is an Australian public business that specialises in large integrated solutions for industrial-scale metal additive manufacturing through the use of its patented cold spray additive manufacturing (Cold Spray AM) technology. 

Titomic serves the global aerospace, defence, shipbuilding, oil & gas, mining, and automotive industries with cold spray AM solutions, OEM production, as well as research and development (R&D) services.