Toyota Australia shatters records with 215,240 deliveries in 2023

Image credit: Toyota Australia

Toyota Australia announced record-breaking sales for the second half of 2023, securing its position as the country’s top-selling automotive brand for the 21st consecutive year.

In a press release, the company said the full-year delivery tally of 215,240 vehicles is a remarkable achievement, marking the 19th time in the past two decades that Toyota has surpassed 200,000 vehicle sales in a single year.

The second half of 2023 saw a significant surge in demand, with Toyota dealers delivering 123,005 vehicles to customers from July to December.

This represents a remarkable 33.4 per cent increase compared to the first half of the year and surpasses the previous second-half record set 16 years ago.

Toyota’s commitment to environmental sustainability was evident in the delivery of 72,064 hybrid-electric vehicles (HEVs), comprising more than one-third or 33.5 per cent of total deliveries.

The company accounted for an impressive 73.2 per cent share of all HEVs sold in Australia in 2023, with hybrid models like the Corolla sedan, Corolla hatch, and RAV4 boasting shares above 80 per cent and even reaching over 90 per cent for the Camry.

The success of Toyota’s HEV lineup aligns with a growing consumer preference for vehicles that offer reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Since the introduction of the first Prius in 2001, Toyota has sold 387,151 HEVs, contributing significantly to the reduction of tailpipe CO2 emissions.

Sean Hanley, vice president of Sales, Marketing & Franchise Operations at Toyota Australia, expressed confidence in the company’s continued momentum.

“Increasingly, we are seeing people walking into a Toyota dealership knowing they will be able to take delivery of their new vehicle within a reasonable period of four to six months,” Hanley said,

Looking ahead, Toyota anticipates further success in 2024 with several important new model launches, including the introduction of their first battery-electric vehicle, the bZ4X, and the arrival of new hybrid models such as the second-generation C-HR and the mid-size Camry sedan.

In a year marked by numerous achievements, Toyota’s HiLux emerged as the best-selling vehicle, surpassing 60,000 sales for only the second time in its history.

The RAV4 retained its title as Australia’s best-selling SUV for the fourth consecutive year, while the Prado secured its position as the best-selling large SUV for the 21st consecutive year.