U.S. companies created 191,000 new jobs in March


The ADP Research Institute® has released its National Employment report on Wednesday, which showed that the U.S. economy created nearly 200,000 new private-sector jobs last month.

Image credit: flickr User: Kahunapule Michael Johnson
Image credit: flickr User: Kahunapule Michael Johnson

The report found that total private payrolls jumped by 191,000 in March, but it also sharply revised upward February’s figure to 178,000 from 139,000, fuelling hopes about economic recovery and a thaw in labour markets.

According to the article on NBC news, small businesses created 72,000 jobs, while medium-sized businesses created further 52,000. Large businesses accounted for the creation of 67,000 new jobs during the month.

These encouraging numbers showed that the US economy is recovering after an unusually cold and snowy winter. Last week the Institute for Supply Management reported that US manufacturing grew at a slightly faster pace last month as factory output regained momentum from disruptions caused by the severe winter conditions.

In addition, the US car sales also rose by 6% to 1.5 million vehicles last month, an increase which took analysts by surprise.

Meanwhile, US manufacturers urged lawmakers to support legislation that helps the industry put more Americans to work, reported KPLCTV.

“We need to change our ways, people need to know that manufacturing is needed, it’s the backbone of every economy,” said Mark Andol of General Welding & Fabricating.

President Obama has promised to create one million new manufacturing jobs by 2017, which means that the country would need to add more than 28,000 jobs a month to meet the projected number.

According to economists, the country has failed to match that number since last November and will also fail to do so in the March jobs report.