WA EV Network expands to the Pilbara region with new EV chargers

Image credit: Minister Bill Johnston's Twitter

Karratha, Exmouth, and Kununurra are the latest additions to the growing WA EV Network, marking a significant step in Western Australia’s electric vehicle infrastructure expansion.

The network now boasts a total of 14 operational charging stations, allowing EV owners to charge their vehicles swiftly and conveniently, the government revealed in a media statement.

Horizon Power has strategically positioned its EV charging stations at several sites to enhance accessibility.

In Karratha, one can find these stations at the Karratha City Shopping Centre car park, precisely located at 16 Sharpe Avenue.

Exmouth is another location on the map, where these charging facilities are situated at the Ningaloo Aquarium & Discovery Centre, specifically at 2 Truscott Crescent.

Kununurra, on the other hand, hosts these stations at Lot 228, situated on Messmate Way.

These charging points are equipped with a 150-kilowatt (kW) fast charger, allowing electric vehicle owners to conveniently recharge their EVs in as little as 20 minutes.

Notably, the Exmouth charging station stands out with an additional DC fast charger, enabling the simultaneous charging of up to four electric vehicles.

The WA EV Network, delivered as a collaborative effort between Horizon Power and Synergy, is a key component of the Western Australian Government’s $43.5 million investment aimed at bolstering electric vehicle infrastructure across the state.

The network boasts a total of 98 charging stations in 49 locations, creating connections between Perth and various regional areas of Western Australia.

Since the inception of the WA EV Network in April 2023, the network has witnessed over 3,200 charging sessions, reflecting the increasing adoption of electric vehicles in the region.

The network’s expansion is set to continue with the imminent opening of more charging stations in Esperance, Warmun, Derby, and Halls Creek.

Energy Minister Bill Johnston expressed his enthusiasm about the rapid progress toward a more sustainable electric vehicle future in Western Australia, emphasising the significance of expanding the EV charging infrastructure across the state.

“We are delighted Karratha, Exmouth and Kununurra have joined the WA EV Network, with many more fast chargers opening soon,” Johnston noted.

Meanwhile, Climate Action Minister Reece Whitby highlighted the government’s dedication to developing the WA EV Network, underscoring that it will be the longest electric vehicle network in Australia, offering essential infrastructure to make Western Australia more accessible to electric vehicles.

“The WA EV Network supports the Cook Government’s commitment to net zero carbon emissions by 2050,” Minister Whitby stated.