WA schools encouraged to apply for waste sorting grants to achieve sustainability goals

Image credit: wa.gov.au

The Western Australian government is urging schools to apply for up to $5,500 for initiatives addressing trash through the WasteSorted Schools grants program.

The funding can be used by accredited schools to carry out initiatives like recycling centres, composting, worm farming, and green canteens, the government said in a media statement. 

The program, which has awarded more than $2.6 million to 542 schools in its 20-year history, aims to train students and the larger school community on waste prevention and sustainable living.

In the previous grant round, 48 schools from Port Hedland to Mount Barker shared $164,500. 

Last year, Kalbarri District High School bagged $4,850 for its ‘Think Outside the Trash!’ initiative, enabling the school to purchase a commercial dishwasher as well as reusable bowls, plates, crockery, and cutlery to reduce the usage of single-use plastics.

As part of the program, each day after lunch, the school’s Green Team collects food leftovers and ‘Containers for Change.’

A sustainability team comprised of teachers and support personnel have also been formed, and by the end of this term, they hope to install garbage stations around the school.

Environment Minister Reece Whitby encourages schools to apply for this funding in order to stimulate interest and teach the next generation about the importance of recycling.

“This program has a long tradition of supporting Western Australian schools and teaches a valuable lesson in helping to make landfill the last resort,” the minister noted.

Whitby also congratulated the Kalbarri District High School for thinking outside the box and making a genuine difference by avoiding single-use plastics.

For more information or to apply, you may visit this site.