WA to benefit from $3m federal grant to install community battery

Image credit: Western Australian Government

Energy Minister Bill Johnston announced that Western Australia has secured six community batteries as part of the $200 million Federal Government’s Community Batteries for Household Solar Grant Program.

Six community batteries will be placed in neighbourhoods with significant rooftop solar penetration as a result of the joint Western Power and Synergy application, facilitating the transition to a cleaner energy future.

The six locations are Bayswater, Coogee, Dianella, Kinross, Port Kennedy and Stratton, the government said in a media statement. 

The batteries, which will be comparable in capacity to Western Power’s and Synergy’s current PowerBank fleet, will assist the community in several ways.

The benefits include the greater adoption of renewable energy sources like rooftop solar, lowering power rates, and managing expenses during peak demand periods.

Minister Johnston underscored the importance of community batteries to the future of the state’s energy.

“With one in three WA homes owning rooftop solar, it’s essential that we harness solar energy efficiently to deliver better outcomes for the community,” the minister said.

He added that community batteries stabilise the electricity system by storing unused solar power from homes during times of low demand and discharging power during times of peak energy.

“Western Power and Synergy are working with Energy Policy WA to implement this community battery rollout to the initial six locations with work also progressing for the next round of Federal Government funding,” Minister Johnston remarked.

He concluded, “The State Government is committed to securing as much Federal Government funding for storage for our State as possible.”

The batteries are anticipated to be constructed beginning in July 2023, and completed by March 2025.

The funding for distributing the community batteries is managed by the federal government.

Announced in October 2022, the Federal Government’s community batteries program aims to deliver 400 batteries nationally.

The program has so far provided funding for 52 batteries, of which six are located in WA.