Weld Australia urges government clarity on wind tower manufacturing

Image credit: Ben/stock.adobe.com

In a pressing call to action, Weld Australia has urged the Australian Government to address the looming question: “Will wind and transmission towers be manufactured locally in Australia, or offshored to China—again?”

Geoff Crittenden, CEO of Weld Australia, has emphasised the critical importance of this decision in shaping the nation’s renewable energy landscape.

Crittenden voiced concerns over the lack of concrete action from the government despite repeated appeals from industry leaders.

“The transition to renewable energy is paramount for Australia’s future, yet the foundational infrastructure for this transition—wind and transmission towers—remains neglected,” Crittenden remarked.

He highlighted the need for clarity and immediate action from policymakers.

While acknowledging the initiatives outlined in the 2024 Federal Budget aimed at promoting renewable energy, Crittenden underscored the urgency of addressing wind tower manufacturing.

He stressed that while investments in solar power, batteries, and hydrogen projects are commendable, they represent long-term solutions. The immediate need, according to Crittenden, lies in erecting wind towers to meet current demands.

Crittenden also pointed out the potential market scale for wind tower manufacturing in Australia, citing projections from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

He emphasised that such challenges would not only bolster infrastructure but also create job opportunities and ensure the sustainability of the manufacturing sector.

According to Weld Australia, the urgency of the matter is compounded by impending closures of coal generators on the eastern seaboard.

State governments have expressed concerns over the sluggish progress in renewable energy projects, with recent interventions to prolong the lifespan of coal-fired power stations underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Weld Australia has called for transparency from the Australian Government, demanding clear steps, timelines, and responsible decision-makers regarding wind and transmission tower manufacturing.

Crittenden stressed that this is a national priority that necessitates immediate action and adequate funding.

“The rhetoric of green energy and renewable investments is meaningless without the real work and real jobs that come with building the necessary infrastructure,” Crittenden asserted.

He urged the government to provide concrete answers and investment commitments for wind towers without further delay.