WellDog exports Australian-developed downhole gauge product to the USA


Technical solutions company WellDog is exporting its Australian-developed downhole pressure gauge product line in the United States this month.

Dr. John Pope (L) and Governor of Wyoming Matt Mead (R) at Parliament House, Brisbane 18 March 2014 (Photo: Business Wire)
Dr. John Pope (L) and Governor of Wyoming Matt Mead (R) at Parliament House, Brisbane 18 March 2014 (Photo: Business Wire)

WellDog CEO Dr John Pope said their move to export Australian-developed technical products began from the work contracts they secured with a number of US shale oil and gas producers. Over the last three years, the Brisbane-based company developed its downhole gauge systems in collaboration with Australian coal seam gas operators including Arrow Energy and BG-QGC.

“In 2010 we began exporting our coal gas testing technology from the US to Australia. While helping local operators address an unrelated supply gap in production optimisation equipment, we have become the highest volume installer of downhole gauge systems in the world,” Dr Pope said in a media release.

“As a result we have developed innovative solutions to key problems in Australian coal seam gas reservoir and aquifer monitoring, and established excellent worldwide supply chains to support those innovations.”

“We’ve successfully introduced our downhole gauge systems to coal miners and onshore oil and gas companies in eastern Australia and we’re now leveraging this unique expertise and exporting the technology we’ve created here in Australia back into the US for the shale gas and oil market.”

Mr Pope said further demand from the US market pushed them to invest in expanding their presence, with an initial expansion of its Wyoming corporate headquarters and research and development base to include manufacturing, inventory and field operations.

“We are confident that with continued cross pollination of Australian and international technologies that WellDog can continue to develop products and services that increase production, improve economics and reduced environmental and social impacts for our customers,” he said.

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead recently toured WellDog’s Brisbane head office as he visited Brisbane to attend the International Advanced Coal Technology Conference early last week.