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GE’s CEO Jeff Immelt retires, to be succeeded by John Flannery

June 13, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

GE’s long-standing CEO Jeff Immelt will retire from the company at the end of this year after sixteen years at the helm of the industrial giant. Mr Immelt, who will remain Chairman of the Board through December 31, 2017, will be succeeded on 1 August by John Flannery, the current President and CEO of GE’s …

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Toyota launches A$47m safety research for self-drive  

June 8, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Toyota is set to launch a five-year, A$47 million program that will expand research into safety challenges and opportunities related to autonomous and connected vehicles. The research – to be carried out in the company’s ground-breaking Collaborative

GM commits to sourcing sustainable natural rubber tyre

June 1, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

In an industry first, General Motors has committed to sourcing sustainable natural rubber for all of its tyres to help drive the industry toward net-zero deforestation and upholding human and labour rights. GM said sourcing tyres produced using sustainable

Empa researchers develop environmentally friendly 3D printing ink

June 1, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

Researchers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa) have successfully developed an environmentally friendly ink for 3D printing made from cellulose nanocrystals (CNC). Cellulose nanocrystals are tiny rod-like structures

MIT researchers develop moisture-responsive running suit lined with live cells

May 26, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

MIT researchers have designed a ‘breathable workout suit’ with ventilating flaps that can open and close in response to an athlete’s body heat and sweat. The flaps are lined with live microbial cells that detect changes in humidity and prompt the flaps

Stratasys expands partnership with Desktop Metal Extend to speed up adoption of metal additive manufacturing

May 15, 2017 • News, World NewsComments (0)

3D printing giant Stratasys has expanded its strategic partnership with Burlington-based startup Desktop Metal to accelerate accessibility and adoption of metal additive manufacturing. Stratasys said the strategic partnership, which includes distribution

Stratasys unveils new 3D printing system for low volume production and mass customisation (VIDEO)

May 12, 2017 • World NewsComments (0)

3D printing giant Stratasys has unveiled a new additive manufacturing solution for low volume production and mass customisation at the RAPID + TCT Show in Pittsburgh. Still under development, the Stratasys Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator is composed of a