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Verbotics takes the lead in advanced manufacturing after winning the 2023 Australian Technologies Competition

The 2023 Australian Manufacturing Competition recently crowned its champions, with Verbotics, an industrial robotics software company, taking home the top honour in the advanced manufacturing category.

Sale of Business: Queen’s Slipper™ Playing Cards

The Opal Group is seeking immediate expressions of interest for the purchase of its Queen's Slipper Playing Cards business including the Queen's Slipper trademark in Australia and New Zealand, intellectual property and associated operating equipment.

University of Sydney researcher develops fish-free omega-3 supplement

A University of Sydney honorary researcher has developed an omega-3 supplement made from environmental bacteria to address the increasing demand amid diminishing supply from fish stocks. 

Legrand Australia sets out to boost future of local manufacturing

Australians’ perception of local manufacturing is growing steadily through the years as the critical industry becomes a vital factor in the country’s economy and the nation’s efforts to achieve environmental goals. 

AMGC launches public relations services for members

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) is now offering its public relations expertise to help members grow their businesses. 

Troubleshooting from a distance: How remote support shapes today’s business processes

The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) devices creates significant opportunities for businesses by helping to streamline processes and uncover business efficiencies, but it can also present challenges in terms of managing and maintaining them in the case of these devices going offline.  

Scientists discover new bacteria strains that can be used for beverage fermentation

Researchers from the University of Adelaide have discovered strains of lactic acid bacteria from Kangaroo Island that could be used in the fermentation of wine, ciders, and sour beers. 

‘Green concrete’ could drive Australia’s decarbonisation efforts, says report

A report from engineering company Hatch has discovered the promising potential of “green concrete” as a key player towards Australia’s progress towards decarbonisation. 

Australian food manufacturer launches gluten-free baking mixes

Well and Good, a Melbourne-based manufacturer of high-quality allergen-free products, has introduced two new gluten-free baking mixes named Caramel Slice Mix and Crumble Cake Mix.

BAE Systems, Lumination expands STEM education program to Victoria

BAE Systems Australia has partnered with immersive technology company Lumination to scale its STEM outreach program, Beacon, for students in Victoria. 

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