Queensland appoints Taskforce to unleash the state’s hydrogen potential

Image Credit: Queensland Government
Image Credit: Queensland Government

The Queensland Government has established a specialist hydrogen team composed of industry experts to harness the state’s hydrogen potential and create thousands of new jobs in the process.

Led by Professor Peta Ashworth OAM, the seven-member expert taskforce will work with industry across the supply chain to help accelerate the growth of the hydrogen sector in Queensland.

Minister for Energy, Renewables and Hydrogen Mick de Brenni said the Hydrogen Taskforce brings together industry, academic and public sector leaders who will lead Australia’s effort to be a world leader in renewable hydrogen.

“Professor Ashworth is currently the University of Queensland’s Chair in Sustainable Energy Futures, a globally renowned leader in climate and energy technologies and sustainable energy, and already has runs on the board when it comes to hydrogen – including playing a role in the development of Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy,” the Minister said.

“Professor Ashworth also has a strong ethos in the social and environmental impacts in the adoption of energy technology and what this means for the communities that use it.”

Professor Ashworth said one of their first the activities will be to assess the current state of play of Queensland’s hydrogen supply chain.

“Based on this, we will then prepare a plan that provides a clear line of sight to a sustainable hydrogen supply chain, including export, to be up and running by 2030 or earlier if possible,” she said.

“We will also identify short and medium-term actions within the regulatory and planning landscape to facilitate the safe and sustainable development of Queensland’s next major energy commodity.”

Mr de Brenni said the Taskforce’s establishment dovetails the Queensland Government’s $60 million investment across multiple programs and initiatives that are growing the hydrogen industry and future hydrogen jobs in Queensland.

“This includes $32.6 million invested to support training and skills development and $25 million for the Hydrogen Industry Development Fund,” he continued.

“The Taskforce will leverage our traditional strengths in the resources sector, coupled with developing plans to utilise our existing public infrastructure such as pipeline corridors, power generators and ports so we can take renewable hydrogen to the world.”

The remaining Hydrogen Taskforce members include: Ms Vanessa Sullivan, Director, Sunwater; Ms Renata Berglas, CEO, Queensland Transport Logistics Council; Ms Toni Power, Queensland’s Coordinator-General; Mr Paul Martyn, Chief Executive Officer, Trade and Investment Queensland; and  Mr James Purtill, Director-General, Department of Energy and Public Works.

Image Credit: <a href=”https://www.qld.gov.au”>Queensland Government</a>
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