Amcor to present new metal-free packaging technology at PackExpo


Australian packaging company Amcor has announced that it will showcase its latest metal-free packaging technology AmLite at PackExpo in Las Vegas.

Image credit: Amcor website
Image credit: Amcor website

The AmLite packaging technology is capable of creating a lightweight, transparent material with barrier levels that are similar to aluminium.

The company used a micro-thin transparent barrier layer called Amcor Barrier Coating to develop AmLite.

“Brand owners can now easily choose transparent packaging, even for sensitive products. Packaging that shows the product inside increases consumer trust and the likelihood of purchase. For sensitive products however, this was typically not a practical option, and they were hidden behind aluminium-based or metallised packaging.  AmLite gives packaging designers and marketing teams a cost competitive alternative,” said Marco Hilty, VP Marketing and R&D for Amcor Flexibles Europe and Americas.

AmLite also comes with a white sealant layer, “resulting in brighter printed colours by eliminating the grey background of metal-based materials.”

“AmLite can offer a significant environmental benefit by reducing material use. In a lifecycle assessment, AmLite provided a 40% carbon footprint reduction and 21% weight reduction compared to standard Alu-based materials. Additionally, it can help our customers ensure product safety by allowing the use of metal detectors after packs are filled and sealed,” said Wojciech Skalbani Global Sales & Marketing Director Technical Products for Amcor Flexibles Europe & Americas.

According to the company’s media release, AmLite can be used for a range of ambient wet and dry food products, as well as medical and personal care products like powders and lotions.