Ampcontrol’s manufacturing in Victoria now powered with hydrogen-integrated energy system

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Boundary Power, a joint venture between Ampcontrol and Australian energy utility Horizon Power, has unveiled a 100 per cent hydrogen-integrated relocatable stand-alone power system (HiSAPS) to power the Ampcontrol manufacturing facility in Victoria.

Developed by Boundary Power, HiSAPS is an Australian-first system designed to demonstrate the end-to-end integration of hydrogen as a clean, safe, and reliable fuel source. 

The system uses solar power and a renewable hydrogen hybrid battery to store and generate electricity when required. It can perform energy storage, balancing and generation functions for Ampcontrol industrial property in Ringwood, Victoria. 

HiSAPS uses Boundary Power’s all-in-one stand-alone power system Solar Qube product, which was developed by Ampcontrol design engineers and Selectronic to develop advanced features using the Australian-designed and manufactured Selectronic battery inverter. 

The system’s design concept aims to replace the onboard diesel generator with the LAVO self-contained hydrogen power system— a prototype developed and tested in New South Wales and deployed for trial across Australia. 

Boundary Power proposed the project as part of the Victorian Government Renewable Hydrogen Commercialisation Pathways Fund. The project successfully secured a $176,150 grant for developing a demonstration unit as an evidence base for decarbonisation that will see Victoria produce and use renewable hydrogen trials in real-world applications. 

“There is a world of opportunity in the next five to 10 years to fill the gaps as the world collectively works to achieve global net zero. Some of our most innovative products within the renewable energy space have come about due to collaboration and partnership,” said Rod Henderson, managing director and CEO of Ampcontrol. “HiSAPS is a brilliant example of collaboration, and investment from government, working together with industry to enable a smooth transition into a clean, reliable, and affordable energy future.” 

“We’re supporting research and development in the renewable hydrogen sector to better understand the role it could play in Victoria’s renewable energy transition,” said Minister for Energy Resources Lily D’Ambrosio, who visited Ampcontrol Ringwood in Victoria to unveil HiSAPS. 

“Victoria’s renewable hydrogen has the potential to create long-term jobs through skills development and new career pathways, drive innovation and reduce emissions across our industrial, energy and transport sectors.”