ASC, FIVA to jointly develop submarine design workforce in Australia

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ASC has signed a collaboration agreement with engineering services provider FIVA to develop a joint submarine design workforce in Australia.

Under the agreement, the two parties will develop a local submarine design workforce with the capability to satisfy Naval Group’s demands for design services in support of the Australian Future Submarine Program.

ASC Chief Executive Stuart Whiley welcomed the agreement, saying the newly produced design workforce will be familiar with the design processes, techniques and tools required by Naval Group, the prime contractor for Australia’s Future Submarine program.

“ASC is Australia’s foremost submarine platform company, with significant current design and build-like expertise developed over thirty years working in the heart of the Australian submarine sector,” Mr Whiley said.

“This collaboration between ASC and FIVA creates mutual benefits, with FIVA’s experience providing submarine design services to Naval Group in France and ASC’s experience in submarine platforms in Australia.”

Yannick Vergez, CEO of Groupe FIVA added:

“We are proud to partner with ASC, who constructed and now maintains the Australian COLLINS submarine fleet.”

”The 30 years of experience and the current capability of ASC make it a natural ally of FIVA and the services we provide to Naval Group. This agreement will lay the foundations for FIVA and ASC to add value to our clients, especially Naval Group,” Mr Vergez concluded.

ASC yesterday announced a similar collaboration agreement with French company ENDEL ENGIE aimed at providing additional submarine building capacity in Australia to Naval Group.

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