Australia’s top innovators recognised in ATSE’s new list of Fellows

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The Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) has unveiled the list of the new ATSE Fellows this year, including a Novel Price laureate, leaders tackling shortages in the Australian engineering industry, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander STEM education champions. 

The new fellows were selected for their ground-breaking contributions in a wide variety of fields such as artificial intelligence, marine biology, photonics, cancer therapy, battery and energy innovation, ATSE said in a news release

Noongar woman Professor Sandra Eades, the country’s first Aboriginal medical doctor to be awarded a PhD, has been named as an honorary fellow for her significant work in epidemiology research and education in Aboriginal child health. 

Outgoing ANU Vice-Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt was elected for his contributions as an innovator, educator, and communicator. 

Schmidt won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2011 for discovering the accelerated expansion of the universe. 

The new ATSE Fellows also include Professor Yue Gao, the laser technology innovator who developed the artificial star that helps astronomers calibrate their telescope. Gao has designed a fully automated laser system for accurately tracking tiny space debris smaller than 10 cm, safeguarding Australian satellites for environmental monitoring and bushfire tracking. 

Daniel Westerman, CEO and managing director of the Australian Energy Market Operator, has also been appointed as a fellow as a national leader in Australia’s transition to net zero emissions. 

“As we face global challenges such as climate change, the digitisation of our economy and the massive challenge of building a diverse and skilled STEM workforce, technological innovation is the lynchpin for shaping our future. It’s looking bright thanks to the extraordinary contributions of our 33 newest Fellows,” said ATSE President Dr Katherine Woodthorpe. 

“It is a proud moment to be elected by your peers and acknowledged for your lifelong achievements. ATSE Fellows are truly exceptional at what they do, and Australia is all the better for them.”

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