Bag manufacturer Cassava Bags Australia wins ‘eco-disruptive’ award

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Cassava Bags Australia has come out on top in Bupa’s global eco-disruptive competition, outperforming over 900 innovative start-ups worldwide and receiving $350,000 to support Bupa’s goal to achieve a net zero business by 2040. 

The eco-tech startup claims to have launched the world’s first net zero variety of 100 per cent plastic-free, non-toxic bags produced from cassava starch. 

According to the company, the bags “dissolve in hot water in seconds and break down in the earth within months,” making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to typical single-use plastic bags. 

The eco-disruptive competition, a renowned international talent and innovation initiative, is a crucial component of the sustainability strategy of the health insurance provider Bupa. 

Through the programme, Bupa seeks to find and support innovative start-ups and scalable business models that can enhance both human and environmental health.

Iaki Ereo, CEO of the Bupa Group, announced Cassava Bags Australia as the winner after more than 84,000 Bupa employees submitted their ballots. 

Meanwhile, Bruce Rossi, Cassava Bags Australia’s president of purpose, stated, “This win marks a significant milestone in Cassava Bags Australia’s journey and solidifies the company’s position as a leading provider of eco-friendly, biodegradable solutions.”

The collaboration between Bupa and Cassava Bags Australia, according to Rossi, is a critical step towards building a sustainable future and addressing the pressing demand for solutions that save the environment and enhance public health.

“With this groundbreaking achievement, Cassava Bags Australia has positioned itself at the forefront of the sustainability movement, ready to lead the way towards a healthier and more sustainable world.” the Cassava Bags official noted. 

In particular, the method used by Cassava Bags Australia takes the starch from the cassava and blends it with organic materials to create a biodegradable film.

The company claims that by steering clear of petroleum and palm oil, and eliminating polyactic acid (PLA) and bisphenol (BPA), its net zero range of products is “making a huge impact in the fight against plastic pollution.”

“Our advanced technology allows us to create eco-friendly solutions that are as strong and durable as traditional plastic bags, but without the harmful environmental impact,” Rossi added.

Cassava Bags Australia provides a wide range of eco-friendly products, such as bin liners, pet waste bags, mail-out bags, and retail bags, which have found use in industries ranging from retail to hospitals, medical facilities, and manufacturing.