EMVision activates stage two trial for portable brain scanner

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ASX-listed EMVision Medical Devices (EMV) has moved forward to stage two of the multi-site trial for its first-generation portable brain scanner.

The Brisbane-based company announced stage two would see it enrol 150 acute stroke and stroke-mimic patients across major stroke centres in Australia, including Liverpool Hospital in New South Wales, Royal Melbourne, and Princess Alexandra in Queensland.

The announcement comes following the completion of stage one which included 30 healthy volunteers, the company revealed in a media release. 

EMVision also stated the device has undergone significant usability, workflow, and technological enhancements as a consequence of feedback from Stage 1 healthy volunteers. 

As a result, operators will be able to complete EMVision scans in increasingly smaller time periods, which is crucial when handling urgent medical situations like an acute stroke. 

Stage 2 has begun at Liverpool Hospital, with Royal Melbourne and Princess Alexandra activating in June and a few weeks after Royal Melbourne, respectively.

EMVision CEO Dr Ron Weinberger expressed his delight in the completion of the crucial and important stage of collecting data from patients who are suspected of having a stroke in an acute situation. 

“We have taken the technical and usability information from stage one and refined our device for stage two and although the modifications are not major, they will result in significant improvements in performance,” Weinberger commented.

He revealed that the next round of EMVision’s multi-site clinical studies has been carefully planned out, and the EMVision team and hospital staff have been working together effectively.

“A key part of this preparation has been a keen focus on strategies and support to enable brisk patient recruitment. We are grateful to our clinical collaborators for their enthusiasm and commitment,” Dr Weinberger concluded. 

Founded in 2017, EMVision Medical Devices is an Australian medical device company developing a novel approach to looking inside the human body. 

Its product pipeline includes portable, noninvasive, affordable and safe neuroimaging devices.