BlueScope welcomes NSW’s $250m Renewable Manufacturing Fund

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BlueScope has welcomed the  NSW Government’s announcement of its $250 million Renewable Manufacturing Fund, as well as its commitment to developing opportunities for the local steelmaking and other industries.

Mark Vassella, Managing Director & CEO, BlueScope, said the potential opportunity for local manufacturers in relation to NSW’s Renewable Energy Zones was enormous – several hundred thousand tonnes of steel, around $1.5 billion of fabricated products, and almost 20,000 jobs.

“That means Australian made wind towers, solar farm structures, transmission infrastructure and pipes for pumped hydro – all contributing to our nation’s net zero target,” Mr Vassella noted.

He also warned that the opportunity “won’t be realised” unless industry and government invest together and coordinate their best efforts.

“Currently there is a lack of local manufacturing capability, and recent wind farm projects alone in NSW have seen over $200 million of components fully imported – a great opportunity lost,” Mr Vassella continued.

“BlueScope and its customers are willing and able right now to co-invest with government, to boost locally manufactured content for the renewable sector.”

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