Bosch deploys generative AI at manufacturing plants in Germany

Image credit: Bosch

Global technology giant Bosch is implementing generative artificial intelligence and foundation models at its plants in Germany to speed up production and enhance efficiencies. 

In an initial pilot project, the company has equipped two of its manufacturing facilities with generative AI that creates synthetic images to develop and scale AI solutions for optical inspection and optimise existing AI models. 

Bosch said the system will reduce the time needed for planning, launching, and ramping up AI applications from the current six to 12 months to just a few weeks. 

“Nearly half of all Bosch plants are already using AI in their manufacturing operations. With the help of generative AI, we’re not only improving existing AI solutions, but we’re also laying the foundations for the optimum take-up of this future technology in our global manufacturing network,” said Stefan Hartung, chairman of the board of management of Rober Bosch GmBH. 

Bosch pilot plants are already using AI in production scheduling, monitoring, and control. 

At the company’s plant in Hildesheim, AI-based data analysis has helped reduce cycle times during the production ramp-up of new lines by 15 per cent. 

In Stuttgart-Feuerbach, new algorithms are cutting component-testing processes from three and a half to three minutes. 

“With generative AI, we’re now taking the next step in the evolution of artificial intelligence and advancing modern manufacturing to a new level,” said Tanja Rueckert, member of the Bosch board of management and chief digital officer. 

According to Bosch, depending on the size of the plant and type of production, AI can help the company achieve productivity gains and six- to seven-figure cost savings per year and plant. 

“AI has excellent potential for innovation and can make human work even more productive. As a manufacturing company, established factory outfitter, and Industry 4.0 trendsetter, Bosch aims to play a leading role in the development and application of industrial AI,” Hartung said.

Following the successful piloting, Bosch said it will begin offering the service of generating synthetic data at all of its locations.