BusTech confirmed as the only Australian electric bus maker in NSW

Image Credit: BusTech

BusTech has been confirmed as the only Australian bus company locally manufacturing zero-emission buses for the NSW market.

The Group’s all-electric ZDi 12.5-meter transit bus has been admitted to the NSW procurement panel as the state government looks to deliver on its commitment to transition its entire bus fleet to zero emissions transport by 2030.

“Our admission to the NSW procurement panel reaffirms the Group’s commitment to delivering the next generation of zero-emission connected transit for the NSW market, giving a real choice for domestic product versus international import models,” says Christian Reynolds, Executive Chairman of BusTech Group.

BusTech ZDi electric bus has been designed, engineered and built in Australia, with the Proterra-built battery pack the only significant overseas component included in the bus.

Kasia Pitman, Director of Sustainability at BusTech Group, says the company manufactures buses with the highest local content of any bus available in Australia.

“We use a supply chain that is over 95% located in Australia; this not only creates economic benefits and generates employment opportunities, but also ensures the lowest carbon emissions manufacturing footprint of any bus available in Australia,” says Kasia.

BusTech Group is already working to establish a NSW-based manufacturing facility, which will focus on zero-emissions technology buses for Sydney and wider NSW markets, creating further jobs and increasing economic value for Australia.

According to the Group’s statement, production of its electric buses will commence in NSW in 2021, providing the first facility in Australia focused on zero emission buses.

BusTech also plans to expand beyond electric buses, ultimately creating a fully electric mass mobility ecosystem, including scalable commercial vehicles.