Phillips Corporation adds the Markforged Digital Forge to its additive manufacturing portfolio

Image Credit: Phillips Corporation

Phillips Corporation, a provider of subtractive and additive manufacturing technology products and services, announced that it will distribute Markforged’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered and intuitive additive manufacturing platform.

Markforged is the creator of The Digital Forge, an integrated industrial 3D printing platform which seamlessly combines precise and reliable 3D printers and both metal and composite proprietary materials with cloud-based learning software to empower manufacturers to create more resilient and agile supply chains.

The company’s portfolio of industrial-grade 3D printing materials includes a wide variety of metals, composites and continuous fibre materials, including Onyx, its flagship composite base material which yields parts that can be as strong as aluminium.

Phillips CEO Alan M. Phillips the Markforged platform will bring additional capability and growth potential for the company’s customers, whether it is improving a just-in-time manufacturing process, making custom work holding or fixtures.

“Phillips Corporation is extremely pleased to be joining forces with Markforged and introducing their products to our large base of commercial and federal government customers,” Mr Phillips said.

“We intend to pursue the tremendous potential for our subtractive customers to be introduced to the Markforged price-competitive design-to-print additive technology.

“Considering that both the commercial and federal industrial supply chains have accelerating interest, applications, and demand for 3D printed parts, the Markforged product lineup is an optimal fit for customers seeking to enter or expand upon their additive manufacturing capability.

“This is a very exciting time in the rapid evolution of additive manufacturing. We are pleased to be collaborating with Markforged and together being leading contributors to the global additive manufacturing revolution.”

Shai Terem, CEO at Markforged, said blue chip customers in leading edge industries such as aerospace, military & defence, industrial automation, space exploration, healthcare and automotive rely on The Digital Forge today for mission critical end-use parts on-demand and at the point-of-need.

He said the platform gets smarter after each print delivering cost and time savings for manufacturers when compared to traditional solutions.

“Partnering with Phillips Corporation provides Markforged with additional distribution across the Americas and Asia while giving Phillips’ commercial and federal government customers more tools to help them reinvent manufacturing and run more efficiently,” Mr Terem continued.

“With Markforged, Phillips Corporation customers can harness the power of additive to do everything from optimizing their supply chains by producing parts on demand to truly transforming their businesses.”