Cardia Bioplastics executes supply compostable resin agreement with USA’s EcNow Tech.


Cardia Bioplastics Limited has announced that it has executed a supply agreement with USA’s EcNow Tech after delivering initial orders of its compostable resin, with annual supply projections of $400,000. Cardia’s compostable resin is used in EcNow Tech’s production of disposable compostable cutlery and ice-cream sticks.

Image credit: flickr User: SD Trading
Image credit: flickr User: SD Trading

EcNow Tech is a developer of innovative products made from plant based, recycled and non-toxic materials, offering an end-to-end production of compostable, plant based food service items. The company is also the manufacturer of So Delicious® Dairy Free compostable ice cream sticks made from Cardia Compostable resin.

According to the media release by Cardia Bioplastics, the companies developed a strong relationship during the development, testing and validation of So Delicious® Dairy Free compostable ice cream sticks.

“Through the development of the So Delicious ®Dairy Free compostable ice cream sticks we have developed a strong relationship with EcNow Tech and we look forward to cementing this further. We have seen real traction for certified compostable products in the US Market, particularly on the West Coast where consumer demand is driving momentum,” stated James Beck, Cardia Bioplastics Managing Director.

“With our focus on designing, developing and manufacturing cutting edge compostable food service quality products, we require resins that deliver. Cardia Compostable resin has proven to deliver superior quality, in the manufacturing process, product performance and compostability, making it a perfect choice for our disposable cutlery range,” said Chris Vitello, EcNow Tech President.

Cardia Bioplastics Global Managing Director Dr Frank Glatz said the company was receiving new orders from all over the world.

“This really is a year of major change. We are experiencing a global shift in demand for our bioplastics, certified compostable and Biohybrid™, with orders flowing in from Asia, North America, South Australia and Australasia,” said Mr Glatz.

Cardia Bioplastics Limited is an Australian developer and manufacturer of sustainable resin, films, bags and custom finished products derived from renewable sources for the global packaging and plastic products industries. The company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and has offices in the USA, Brazil, Malaysia and China.