Chemson Pacific introduces world’s first 3D printable PVC filament

Image credit: by Stuart Miles

Sydney-based manufacturer of PVC stabilisers, Chemson Pacific, has successfully developed a ground breaking PVC formulation for the polymer-based 3D printing market.

Image credit: by Stuart Miles
Image credit:
by Stuart Miles

Conceived, developed and tested in Australia, Chemson’s 3D Vinyl™ PVC possesses true “thermoplastic” 3D printing properties and is specifically designed for use as a 3D printing filament feedstock.

“3D Vinyl™ stands to make a significant impact within the Direct Digital Manufacturing market, as its unique qualities remove the constraints formerly imposed on the majority of accessible 3D printing platforms,” the company said in a media release published on the PR Web.

“The product will enable these systems to venture beyond the boundaries of rapid prototyping, allowing all users of 3DVinyl™ to develop end-use parts and products in a variety of low-run production deployments.”

The 3D Vinyl filament is UV and solvent resistant, fire retardant and has low embodied energy content when compared to incumbent polymer-based filaments.  It also has sustainable footprint – requiring 50% fewer fossil inputs – provides improved rigidity and is excellent for generating support structures, which are easily removed.

Dennis Planner of Chemson Pacific said the benefits of 3D Vinyl for industrial 3D printing include low melting velocity, excellent flow properties and layer adhesion, heat stability and enhanced durability.

“3D VinylTM is a definitive new 3D printing material that will bring a combination of physical properties not available with the current incumbent polymeric materials,” Mr Planner said.

“3D Printing is currently one of the fastest growing, value-adding industries internationally and will be an important source of mentally-stimulating career paths and new business growth for the future, which I’m absolutely proud to be a part of. 3D VinylTM brings a new era for the PVC Industry and Advanced Manufacturing, here in Australia and worldwide.”

He said the company has formed regional alliances with PVC industry leader Welvic, CSIRO and tertiary bodies to bring 3DVinyl™ to market for the Asia-Pacific region.

According to him, the company has also forged a strategic partnership with Functionalize – the US-based leader in functional 3D printing materials – to co-develop conductive, electrostatic dissipative and other specialised formulations of 3DVinyl™, and expand its market reach in North America, Europe and beyond.

“3D Vinyl provides a strong, weatherable and durable alternative for conventional ABS use cases, while simultaneously expanding the materials options for the vast market of PLA-only printers,” said Michael Toutonghi, CEO of Functionalize.

“We’re excited to partner with Chemson Pacific on commercialisation and distribution of this important new material, and we look forward to functionalising it for a broad range of manufacturing and maker application.”