Dexion Satellite systems: the ultimate in space optimising, efficient and safe high-density storage


Industrial manufacturer Dexion has developed a state-of-the-art high-density Satellite storage solution that boasts the largest number of installations in Australia today.

Dexion is an international specialist in manufacturing and marketing of products that assist industrial and commercial customers in solving their shelving, storage, filing, distribution management and materials handling challenges.

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According to the press release issued by the company, the Satellite solutions are perfect for businesses that require high-density storage of multiple pallets as they offer optimization of storage against available volume by leveraging available depth space. The stack height is limited only by the warehouse’s dimensional reach, while the uni-directionality of the systems allows for greater storage capacity, as well as packaging efficiencies.

Safety is assured with the satellite solutions as neither the operator nor the forklift enter the racking structure, with significantly reduced travel time for the operator and increased warehouse productivity.

“Automatic battery recharging options are perfectly suited to businesses operating multiple satellite units. As the battery recharge is managed automatically, the operator does not have to exit the forklift to replace it, thereby saving time. Additionally, charge cycles are auto-balanced increasing the longevity of the battery, which in turn, reduces the life-cycle cost of the overall system operation,” said Dexion in its press release.

”Dexion’s robust, high-density pallet storage system can be tailored to any application, as it’s scalable to both warehouse capacity and task activity. Intelligently designed for longevity and quality of operation, an 8-wheel design disperses the load across the storage rails enabling greater carrying capacity and longer rail life. The unit also features a patented mechanical lifting motion, which means no hydraulics and fewer moving parts.”

The system can be controlled by a handheld remote or automatically via Dexion’s Real-time Distribution System. The lithium-ion battery powers the machine for up to eight hours with minimal self-discharge when not in use.

Some of the machine’s key features include: capability of moving up to 60 pallets per hour; broad operating temperature spanning from -30 degrees to +40 degrees; cart operation control by side sensors, front sensors and top sensors; emergency stop safety bar at the front and rear of the unit; eccentric drive lifting process enabling the unit to lift half the load at a time to prolong battery life; guide wheels for increased stability and so on.

The Satellite unit weighs 250 kg with a maximum load weight of 2,000 kg.

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