DroneShield announces follow-up order with US Government Agency


Australian/US technology company DroneShield has announced a follow-up order of A$750k with “a major US Government agency”.

DroneShield, which provides Artificial Intelligence-based platforms for protection against advanced threats such as drones and autonomous systems, said the order comprises of multi-mission wearable and on-vehicle C-UAS devices, supported by AI-enabled threat awareness software, RFAIT.

“The software will continue to receive regular updates, taking advantage of continuous rapid improvements in the technology, while the hardware is comprised of DroneShield’s proprietary FPGA system,” the company told the ASX.

DroneShield U.S. CEO, Matt McCrann, commented, “DroneShield and our Government agency partner have collaborated closely for some time now, and we are pleased to continue supporting their operational requirements for protecting against emerging threats.

“Our adaptable C-UAS solutions, allow users to address the emerging threat posed by unmanned systems, such as drones, while also providing AI-powered, multi-mission capabilities. Our solutions are built to be a ‘Swiss Army knife’ for applications addressing both low-level threats and near-peer adversaries.

“The off-the-shelf availability of the equipment for this project is a direct result of DroneShield’s effort to shorten lead times and deliver quick turn capabilities by securing its supply chain and investing in its on-hand inventory. This reliability across our product lines has helped our Government partners place further trust in us as their C-UAS solution provider.”

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