DroneShield expands R&D, manufacturing capacity to $400M with new global HQ

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DroneShield has boosted its research and development (R&D) and manufacturing capabilities by opening a new global headquarters in Pyrmont, New South Wales.

This expansion triples the company’s capacity to over AUD 400 million annually in hardware and software production, aiming to convert a substantial sales pipeline exceeding $500 million, the company said in a media release.

The new headquarters will house DroneShield’s 120 local staff and features a dedicated floor for high-tech R&D, engineering, and manufacturing.

The ASX-listed company said the facility is designed to support orders from government, defence, and commercial customers across 70 countries.

The expansion is funded by DroneShield’s recent $115 million capital raise, with $30 million pending shareholder approval.

With a market capitalization nearing $700 million, DroneShield is now Australia’s second-largest publicly listed defence company.

The new site will also expedite inventory build-up, meeting the demands of high-quality customer opportunities. This includes a pipeline of over $500 million with more than 90 qualified projects and $27 million in current orders.

CEO Oleg Vornik highlighted the growing recognition of drone threats and the need for robust counter-drone technologies.

“The threats that drones can pose are finally being taken seriously,” Vornik stated. “Whether it’s due to the turmoil they can cause on the battlefield or the countless ways they can disrupt everyday life – at airports, prisons, and public events – drone deterrence is now a priority for government agencies and authorities, in Australia and abroad.”

Vornik emphasised the importance of a reliable supply chain and inventory certainty: “Our equipment is sophisticated, AI-based technology that can take up to four months to build, containing up to 200 components.”

He continued, “We are leveraging funds from the $115 million capital raise to enable us to create upwards of $400 million in equipment per year – all within Australia, at the new facility, as a truly sovereign defense supplier – for global customers that expect high-performance equipment to be available right away.”

The 2,000 square meter facility is poised for further expansion amid rising demand across military and commercial applications, including airports, stadiums, and events.

DroneShield said it plans to scale its high-tech engineering and operations teams, adding 40 employees in the short term to enhance its in-house AI and machine learning capabilities for better detection and response to drone threats.

DroneShield also operates an office in Warrenton, Virginia, serving as its US headquarters.