Dyesol to introduce and commercialise revolutionary perovskite DSC Photovoltaic technology in Turkey


Dyesol, an Australian clean-tech company developing cutting-edge, clean energy generation solutions, has signed a detailed Heads of Agreement (HOA) with Nesli DSC to introduce and commercialise its revolutionary perovskite DSC Photovoltaic (DSC PV) technology in Turkey.

Image credit: www.dyesol.com
Image credit: www.dyesol.com

According to the press release by Dyesol, the HOA envisages 3 separate stages of development and commercialisation – prototype, staged manufacture and mass manufacture.

The first stage will occur during 2015 with the establishment of a prototype facility in Turkey underpinned by a US$ 1.9 million contract for supply of prototype equipment.

“Dyesol has received the activation payment to commence work for this contract, undertaken substantially by its wholly owned Korean subsidiary Dyesol-Timo. Successful completion of this stage will result in the implementation of a commercialisation strategy which is expected to result in the formation of a 50/50 joint venture between Dyesol and Nesli DSC,” reads the press release.

The next stage – which is also technically most critical – is scheduled to commence in 2016 with the establishment of a staged manufacturing or pilot line facility. This is expected to produce volumes of PV products in excess of 20,000 square metres and allow for product testing, product accreditation and manufacturing process optimisation.

The mass manufacturing stage is planned to commence in 2018 and is expected to produce multi-million square metres annually.

Dyesol also stated that it is to meet with Nesli DSC and the Development Bank of Turkey (TKB) this month to agree on an implementation plan for commercialisation. Key areas for decision will include government assistance, corporate and organisational structure, and business planning.

“Dyesol has been working closely with Turkish parties for a number of years and it is gratifying to see our common interests captured in an agreement. Further, it is very encouraging to have Turkish government interest to help bear the financial risk of development and commercialisation,” said Dyesol Director, Gordon Thompson.

The Turkish DSC PV market is considered to be highly prospective for the establishment of a PV manufacturing facility as the country’s economy has a substantial energy deficit, attractive GDP growth, competitive labour costs and supportive government assistance and energy policy.