EMVision receives $600K milestone payment, shares clinical trial updates

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Medical imaging technology company EMVision Medical Devices has secured a $600,000 payment after achieving an “important milestone” for its portable imaging devices. The payment comes from the Australian Stroke Alliance, as part of the Commonwealth of Australia Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) program.

EMVision has also completed enrolment of around half the 30 participants required for its stage one clinical trial for stroke monitoring.

The company told investors its pre-validation phase of the clinical trial is on schedule, with roughly half of the healthy participants for stage one now enlisted.

It is predicted that the company will have registered all 30 participants within the coming weeks, at which point stage two of the trial will be activated, involving up to 150 acute stroke patients.

The milestone activities focused on extensive benchtop, or phantom brain and complex simulation experiments designed to mimic clinical use of the EMVision technology to support stroke subtype diagnosis.

In these experiments, both the first-generation system that is already in use and the second-generation road and air ambulance technology that is now being developed both displayed “high levels” of performance.

As a result, a complete 3D second-generation antenna array has been created for more testing and development, with trials planned for the following year.

“The testing conducted as part of our ASA milestones has shown encouraging benchtop results from our system enhancements which bodes well for our clinical trials,” said Dr Ron Weinberger, CEO of EMVision.

“We are excited with the progress being made with our 2nd Gen first responder model as well as our 1st Gen in-hospital device,” he added.