Gerard Lighting changes group name to GLG, launches new website


Gerard Lighting, Australia and New Zealand’s leading lighting company, has announced changes to its brand which will see the company face the market as GLG.

The group, responsible for leading brands including Pierlite, Sylvania, Austube, Inlite and many more, said the change encapsulates a move from being a product provider to an organisation with an innovative solutions-based approach.

“The changes to the group company brand, will see the business brands elevated and go to market as ‘Pierlite’ and ‘Sylvania’ servicing the market’s indoor and outdoor lighting needs respectively, distributing their market-leading offerings across key segments including commercial, industrial, health, sports, retail, roadway and infrastructure,” GLG said in a statement.

It said Inlite, Sylvania Connected Solutions, Austube and Integrated, as well as the NZ operation will continue trading as part of the comprehensive GLG solutions offering.

GLG CEO, Les Patterson said the fresh face and beginnings come with a new website, embodying a focus on intuitive ease and enhanced functionality.

“We might have a new group name, but we carry forward almost a century of experience with us and a portfolio of proven and trusted brands like Pierlite and Sylvania that our customers know and trust,” Mr Patterson concluded.

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