Global Shop Solutions UK ERP project manager achieves 10-year milestone

Media Release by Global Shop Solutions

Workforce stability, consistency, and reliability are the hallmarks of an excellent ERP software provider. Global Shop Solutions, a leading provider of ERP software for manufacturers in nearly 30 industries, is proud to celebrate 10 years of dedicated service from Michelle Brown, Project Manager for the company’s U.K. office.

Brown launched her career as an ERP specialist working for an aerospace company in the U.S. where she implemented Global Shop Solutions’ ERP software and oversaw its use and development for three years. When she decided to move back to her native country, Global Shop Solutions hired her to launch their new U.K. operations, which also serve Ireland, Europe and Africa. She soon began overseeing implementations for new customers and quickly advanced to operations consultant and project manager. Brown also led the way in building an international team with the experience, expertise and knowledge to support customers in Global Shops Solutions’ growing European markets.

“Michelle is a perfect fit for our U.K. operations because she knows our ERP system inside and out,” says Dusty Alexander, President and CEO of Global Shop Solutions.

“She’s an expert in manufacturing, quality, implementation, sales, customer care, and much more. Her friendly smile and ‘get it done’ attitude make her a favourite of customers and employees. And she listens to customers in a way that makes them feel heard and appreciated. We knew we were getting someone special when we hired Michelle, but she has exceeded our expectations.”

As U.K. Project Manager, Brown oversees new ERP implementation strategies, schedules training for new customers, assists with change management, and works closely with new customers to ensure a successful ERP implementation. With current customers, she performs operational checks and assists them in implementing more sophisticated ERP capabilities to continuously improve their manufacturing and increase ROI.

“I love working at Global Shop Solutions because I get to help people see the advantages of switching from a cumbersome system that encourages bad practices to one that encourages simplified processes and cost-effectiveness,” says Brown. “Many of our new customers are using ERP for the first time, and guiding them through a successful implementation is challenging and rewarding. My favourite part is seeing the expressions on the faces of shop floor and front office workers as they start using ERP and see how much easier ERP will make their lives.”