Hatch adds Alfredo Remy as Australasian director

Image credit: Hatch

Global multidisciplinary engineering firm Hatch has appointed Alfredo Remy as Australasian Director of Hatch Advisory, the company’s management consulting business.

Mr Remy will now lead the Australasian Hatch Advisory team after serving as regional director for the Advisory team in South America for the past six years.

With the appointment, Alfredo Remy and his staff at Hatch Advisory will provide a variety of services to help businesses, from start-ups to large multinational corporations, with their growth strategies, market opportunities, mergers and acquisitions, investments, and financial due diligence. 

Mr Remy will also be in charge of the business solutions to asset management and supply change challenges, as well as business transformation. 

 “I am thrilled to be leading the Hatch Advisory team across Australasia. In Australia, organisations have a strong focus on sustainability, inflation, supply chain security, attracting top talent and the need to accelerate digital transformation,” Mr Remy noted.

He added that whether organisations are looking to capitalise on the full transformative business reorganisation or take advantage of shifting market conditions, Hatch will aid Australian companies by providing comprehensive and practical insights and solutions.

With 29 years of experience as an engineer and management consultant, he has held key positions in the industry, such as a partner at PwC, where he oversaw the operations advisory practice and mining practice in South America.

Mr Remy was also the regional maintenance manager for Barrick South America; director of the Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce, where he served as president of the mining committee; and regional maintenance manager for Barrick South America.