How manufacturers can manage supply chains during lockdowns, according to global sourcing company

Sourci co-founders Giovanni Pino (left) and Ellie Vaisman. Image provided by Sourci.

Sweeping shutdowns announced last week by Premier Dan Andrews has left many Victorian businesses grappling with the challenges of operating within the rules of stage four restrictions. From implementing a COVID Safe Plan to reducing the number of essential workers on site, the reality of doing business in the time of a pandemic seems like a daunting task. For some businesses it may require a trusted third party to get processes done more efficiently.

In the global sourcing and procurement industry, Melbourne-based start-up Sourci has proven itself to be a disruptor and emerging industry leader. With already over 200 Australian businesses relying on their supply chain, procurement and consulting services, Sourci has helped companies reduce, on average, an impressive 30% of their manufacturing costs.

Sourci founders Giovanni Pino and Ellie Vaisman know that many local businesses struggle with high manufacturing and importing costs, as well as cases wherein the manufacturers do not reflect a particular brand’s values or requests to adhere to sustainable and ethical sourcing standards. Their business model, which provides access to leading manufacturers across the globe, makes it easier for Australian businesses to have the opportunity to further grow and expand, by reducing costs and providing a more sustainable sourcing option.

Sourci has already played a pivotal role in sourcing goods for both small and large Australian businesses. Recently they have been involved in the acquisition of more than $30 million worth of Personal Protective Equipment for the Australian & UK Government.

Supply chains are going full steam ahead

In an email interview with Australian Manufacturing, Mr Vaisman said despite the new lockdown restrictions Sourci has never been in a better position to establish supply chains for their Australian and New Zealand clients.

“Currently, the restrictions aren’t impacting heavily on supply chains, simply because overseas manufacturing is in full swing, and is virtually unaffected across majority of the Asian countries that we operate in. Our two major research and buying teams based in China are fully operational and buzzing, and all manufacturing in China is in full swing, no impacts.”

“Our teams can even fly out to visit factories at the drop of a hat if needed. So we are certainly open for business!”

The value of engaging with a third party sourcing team

He said Australians and Aussie businesses need not be concerned about supply chain delays or reduction in quality of products as long as they have a trusted third party inspect their goods before payment, and liaise with their suppliers to ensure quality control is followed. He also advised businesses to plan ahead and book their cargo to travel via sea whenever possible, as this should have very little impact to their supply chains.

“Yes Australian’s can’t fly over to inspect goods anymore or build relationships with factories, but our message even prior to COVID has been that this isn’t essential anymore, and we’ll do a much better job of it for them! So no need to waste time, energy and money on flights & traveling overseas anyway.”

“Not due to our AU restrictions, but certainly due to global impacts, air freight movements are limited and the costs have increased due to lack of international flights (less commercial flights). This has seen a sharp rise in the price of transporting goods internationally via air, so we recommend to plan ahead and send as much as possible via sea freight (shipping containers).”

How manufacturers can improve their businesses during the lockdown

Mr Vaisman also gave some insights for manufacturers on which aspects of the business operations they should prioritise during this unusual time.

“Australian manufacturers and businesses should be spending this downtime looking at ways that they can optimise costs and efficiencies, and improve their offerings. [They should] reduce their input costs by purchasing smarter and negotiating contracts, or finding alternative suppliers abroad, with our help.”

“They can take advantage of this time to consider ways that they can enhance the customer experience, the packaging and tactile experience of sending and receiving their goods and wares. [They should also] consider outsourcing some parts of their supply chain both input or output such as materials procurement, and storage of finished goods, national distribution.”

With people on the ground in Australia, China, Vietnam, India and Indonesia, Sourci’s sourcing power is deeper than any other Australian business across the APAC region, which now gives Aussie businesses – both big and small – the power of choice.

Visit Sourci’s website to learn more about their services.

Image provided by Sourci