Jetty contract worth $14 million boosts local manufacturing in WA

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour. Image credit:

Wangara company Global Trade Sales was contracted to deliver $14 million in upgrades at Hillarys and Fremantle has been installing the WA-made jetties after local manufacturers geared up to supply major components often made overseas. 

In particular, the two-year contract to design and build five new jetties at Hillarys Boat Harbour and replace one jetty at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour was awarded to Global Trade Sales in May of last year.

In a news release, the Western Australian government said that up to 90 per cent of the contract’s value is expected to be spent locally, with most of it in Western Australia.

The floating modules, fendering, and aluminium frames for the new jetties will be constructed entirely in WA as a result of partnership with local manufacturers. 

The aluminium used will also be supplied from WA and other Australian mills.

Work on a redesigned 3.5-metre-wide central floating walkway is nearing completion at Hillarys. 

This will allow penholders to continue using their pen while work is being done to destroy and replace jetties F, G, H, and J with WA-made, modern, low-maintenance floating infrastructure. 

The deal also included the replacement of Jetty 3 in Fremantle with new locally manufactured items.

Overall, the projects will result in around 115 newly constructed pens ranging in size from 10 to 22 metres, located in two of the greatest locations in the metropolitan area.

Minister Assisting the Transport Minister David Michael stated that projects like these show how successful the government has been at creating employment opportunities and economic prosperity for the state. 

“This is an excellent result for our marine construction and manufacturing sectors, showcasing strong collaboration and an ability to supply world-class products that can be used locally, and also marketed nationally and internationally,” the minister said. 

He reported that since receiving the contract, Global Trade Sales has nearly tripled its own personnel, going from six to 17, and has hired several specialised marine industry professionals as well as other individuals, including graduates and an apprentice, to guarantee skill sets are passed down to future generations.

“Similarly, the nearly 40 local subcontractors and suppliers engaged to complete the two projects will benefit, and in the case of the suppliers of the locally made jetty components they will have a new product to grow their business further,” Michael concluded.

For more information about the projects, you may click this link.