New ‘Australian Makers’ video series sheds light on Australia’s manufacturing sector


Australian consumers will be treated to a unique, behind the scenes glimpse into the local factories, workshops and farms of some of the country’s most innovative manufacturers thanks to the ‘Australian Makers’ video series created by the Australian Made Campaign.

Ben Lazzaro, Chief Executive of the Australian Made Campaign, said the short-form video collection was created to celebrate Australia’s diverse and evolving manufacturing sector and give insight into the people, processes and stories behind some of our most loved Australian products.

“We are passionate about Australian manufacturing, so we are very excited to launch the Australian Makers series,” said Ben Lazzaro, Chief Executive of the Australian Made Campaign.

“We’re highlighting the ingenuity and skill of our Australian Makers, and providing a unique insight into what goes into making a product in Australia, as well as the benefits that delivers to the wider community.

One of those Australian Made licensees featured is reusable coffee cup company frank green, which has been rapidly expanding around the world since its inception in 2013.

Benjamin Young, Founder and CEO of frank green said: “There is no way that we would have been as successful as we are today unless we manufactured in Australia.

“We have travelled the world, we have looked at manufacturing processes in different countries, and I just think that in terms of getting to market and getting a quality product out into that market on a daily basis, it is fundamental for us to be Australian-made.”

Also featured in the series is Volvo Group Australia, which said that manufacturing its trucks in Australia gave them a competitive edge over its competitors in the market.

“Australia is the ultimate testing ground for trucks. Heavier loads, longer distances and extreme temperatures. We are an Australian company, and we build Australian trucks for Australian conditions,” Mr Martin Merrick, President & CEO Volvo Group Australia, said.

“What really makes us unique is our local base, with our local engineering, purchasing and manufacturing. People are sometimes surprised to hear that we manufacture Volvo and Mack trucks here in Australia. We also use the local supply chain and have approximately 90 local suppliers.

Manufacturing our trucks here in Australia really does give us an advantage. We have the skills and resources here at our local base and speaking to our local customers, they are incredibly proud to buy Australian Made”.

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