Nightingale equips Blackbird drone with AWS AI systems

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Drone manufacturing company Nightingale Intelligent Systems has ventured into a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to integrate the Blackbird Security Drone sensor data with AWS systems to create a highly advanced data analytics platform for intrusion detection, navigation, and life-safety use cases. 

The partnership makes the Blackbird Security Drone the first one to be equipped with Amazon’s cloud-based artificial intelligence services to deliver real-time analytics and insights, Nightingale said in an ASX announcement

The system is designed to provide thermal imaging and features lidar and high-definition cameras for advanced Blackbird detection and advanced navigation for life-safety capabilities. 

“By utilizing AWS tools, AWS AI/ML, and AWS knowledge depth, we can take Terabytes of raw data and provide a path for use case solutions for a more intelligent security drone response,” said Jack Wu, chief executive officer of Nightingale Security. 

“We can provide our clients with the ability to quickly and effectively detect intruders, respond to potential security threats in real time, and enhance the navigation and life-safety capabilities,” Wu added. 

Nightingale Blackbird Security Drone will now feature Amazon Rekognition to detect and recognise objects, people, and activities in the images and videos gathered, Amazon SageMaker to deploy machine learning models, and Amazon Kinesis to process the data in real time.

Amazon EC2 will store all the data and analytics generated by the drone and Amazon Wickr will serve as an end-to-end encrypted collaboration solution for ad-hoc communication and coordination.

“The Nightingale Security Drone represents a major advancement in public safety technology, providing United States Public Sector clients with unparalleled surveillance capabilities and real-time data analysis,” said Matt Jones, senior AWS Wicker Sales Specialist. 

The new collaboration will also allow the public sector to use the solution for border patrol activities, critical search and rescue missions, and air surveillance and monitoring for critical infrastructure, ports, and other vital possible targets. 

“We expect that through this partnership, Nightingale will gain a competitive edge by tapping into AWS’s customer base and leveraging AWS’s AI/ML capabilities. We anticipate that this advantage will translate into increased customer engagement, stronger sales pipelines, and new revenue streams for both Nightingale and AWS,” Wu said.