Queensland racing team set to become world’s first solar car supplier

Image credit: Clenergy TeamArrow Facebook page

Australia’s premier solar racing team Clenergy TeamArrow is about to become the world’s first global supplier of commercial solar-powered cars that require road registration.

Image credit: Clenergy TeamArrow Facebook page
The Arrow STF Image credit: Clenergy TeamArrow Facebook page

The Queensland-based team has officially opened a new innovation, design & manufacturing hub at Macarthur Avenue, Eagle Farm, that will build a hi-tech sports vehicle for next year’s World Solar Challenge, with the team also planning to develop a commercial model based on the prototype.

The Arrow STF is a two seater, solar electric racing car which uses the latest in solar and battery technology to create a unique vision of what is possible in the pursuit of clean, efficient motoring.

According to the team, the vehicle will be approximately 2 to 3 times more aerodynamically efficient than a traditional car and will be fitted with power systems supplied by Tritium.

The vehicle will feature a twin motor configuration and lightweight Lithium Ion battery pack that will enable it to travel about 300 ~400 kilometres at highway speeds and 1000+ kilometres at city driving speeds.

“As part of our development program, TeamArrow plan to race the Arrow STF over 3000km in the 2017 World Solar Challenge and then make the car commercially available for drivers who would like to own a truly unique vehicle,” to company said on its official webpage.

Biofuels and Water Supply Minister Mark Bailey, who attended the official launch of the workshop, said he was excited about the possibilities that the new innovation and design hub in Brisbane could bring in the future.

“The Palaszczuk Government is a strong advocate for renewable energy and a cleaner, greener energy future and I’m pleased to say that Economic Development Queensland has given the home team a flying start by providing long term access to the Eagle Farm site and workshop facilities,” the Minister added.

Clenergy Team Arrow’s Cameron Tuesley said the design of the prototype, which was unveiled at the launch ceremony, was inspired from their extensive experiences crossing Australia’s outback.

“We aim to be the first Australian company to manufacture and sell solar electric vehicles and we are proud to be working with energy partners such as Clenergy and Tritium to showcase Australian innovation, science and renewable energy technology to the world,” Mr Tuesley said.

“What better stage to launch than the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge? Our ‘race’ version of our car of the future will also be the first road-registered solar vehicle to compete in the Challenge.”