Roy Morgan research finds Australians prefer Australian Made

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New consumer research from Roy Morgan shows Australians prefer Australian Made products across a wide range of products categories.

The research found that 80% of Australians have a preference for Australian Made food and beverages, 77% for Australian Made agricultural and gardening products, 73% for children and baby care products, while 72% prefer animals, pet and pet care and 65% in building and renovation materials.

Roy Morgan Chief Executive Officer Michele Levine explained, “The preference for Australian-made products has been long-standing and backed up by years of research conducted by Roy Morgan which consistently shows Australians favour locally made goods in a range of product categories. Unsurprisingly, Australian-made food and beverages are preferred by a large majority of Australians (80%), but these goods are closely followed by a range of manufactured goods from a broad range of Australian industries – agriculture, child and baby care, pets, building, tools and hardware.

“This important study found that the most important reasons for buying Australian Made products are Better quality, Supports local businesses/communities and supporting local job creation.”

Ben Lazzaro, Chief Executive of the Australian Made Campaign, explained that Roy Morgan’s latest research highlights the importance that Australian’s place on locally manufactured products, and shows the increasing demand for authentic Aussie brands.

“The demand for authentic Aussie products is growing continuously. When you buy Australia Made, Australian Grown products, you know what you are getting—products made to the highest of manufacturing standards and grown in our clean, green environment. At the same time, you are helping to support local industry.

The best way to identify genuine Aussie products is to look for the famous green and gold Australian Made logo,” said Mr Lazzaro.

Almost all Australians (99%) indicated that they were aware of the Australian Made logo, with the vast majority of those (84%) associating the logo with supporting local jobs and employment. Over half of Australians also associate the Australian Made Logo with products that are of high quality (58%) and are produced using ethical labour (57%).

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and clean and green attributes were similarly top of mind, with around half of Australians (49%) connecting them with the Australian Made logo.

Mr Lazzaro said, “These environmental considerations, which are intrinsically linked to many Australian products, are continuing to be important to consumers when making purchasing decisions.”

Trust in the Australian Made logo remains strong, with 88% Australians confident that products displaying the logo had been manufactured or grown within Australia. Young Australians were among the most confident, with an enormous 94% of those between 25-34 years certain that products carrying the iconic green and gold kangaroo logo were authentically Australian.

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