SA manufacturer PODiSTA  to export coffee pods to the world


Wholly Australian owned and operated company PODiSTA has been awarded a $49,800 grant from the South Australia’s Export Partnership Program (EPP) to develop an innovative e-commerce website tailored to different countries.

Image credit: PODiSTA website
Image credit: PODiSTA website

The company was one of 20 companies that were given a combined total of $450,406 in funding under the second round of the EPP which was developed to assist South Australian exporters to explore and grow global markets.

Funding is available to South Australian owned and based businesses that have been operational for at least two years and have an annual turnover of more than $100,000.

“The Export Partnership Program is part of a targeted strategy by government to support exporters through facilitation services, diplomacy, awareness raising and critical funding to address the cost of export marketing activities. PODiSTA manufacturer Podpac is a South Australian success story, having secured exports of their coffee pods to the United States, Hong Kong and mainland China,” said Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith.

PODiSTA offers the world’s first multi-beverage range of pods: 4 varieties of coffees, 5 flavours of hot chocolate, and even a range of sugar-free Poddies for kids.

“The funding will help us to invest in a system where all websites will have a common look and feel, but we will be able to quickly and easily dispatch new websites tailored to each countries unique requirements,” said Podpac Managing Director Toby Strong.

“This includes localisations such as language, currency and contact details, which will allow us to reach potential customers all over the world from our manufacturing base here in Adelaide. Ideally, we see no limit to which country can be reached – for us, anyone who enjoys great pod coffee is a potential customer. We are beginning our international push in the UK, USA and Canada. Longer term, we are planning to enter all of Europe, Asia, South America and eventually most of the world. Our products are already sold in several countries throughout the world and this export grant will help us to expand on this at a much faster rate than what may have been possible otherwise.”