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The role of micro moulding in the production of micro-optics

Micro-optics encompasses components like tiny lenses, beam-splitters, prisms, light-pipes, and other optical parts ranging from 20 microns to 1 mm in size, or larger optical components with micron-level features.

Micro moulding and the future of biomedical applications

In the dynamic medical field, micro moulding has increasingly become the foundation for innovation, particularly in the creation of cutting-edge biomedical devices.

Design guidelines for micro moulding

When you begin to assess the use of micro injection moulding, partnering with a specialised sub-contract manufacturer becomes a strategic asset. This partnership should be strong for the entire journey of your product, from the blueprints to high-volume production, all development preferably taking place under a single roof.

The importance of material selection in micro moulding applications

In the precision-demanding realm of micromoulding, the selection of appropriate materials is not merely a step in the manufacturing process, it’s the cornerstone upon which the performance and reliability of the final product rest.

Injection molding of thin wall cannulas — A lesson in expertise & persistence

After 5 years of painstaking work, leading micro molding innovator Accumold has developed a way to micro injection mold thin wall cannulas in very high volumes.

The challenges of boomerang projects in micro molding: a customer perspective

In the world of micro molding, where precision and efficiency are paramount, the concept of boomerang projects can present significant challenges for both customers and micro molders.

Micro Molding – Place the focus on outcomes

For customers looking to embrace the possibilities that exist through the micro molding of parts or components, there is a given.

Harnessing disruption — achieving optimal outcomes in precision molding

Article by Aaron Johnson, VP of Marketing and Customer Strategy at Accumold Having been working at the bleeding edge of product development most of my...

How Micro AM is Impacting Time-To-Market For Precision Plastic Parts

Article by Christopher Hunt, Additive Manufacturing Manager, Accumold Some 30 years ago now, additive manufacturing (AM) — which back in the day was more typically known...

Accumold Presents At “Europe Meets USA 2022” Event

Media Release By Accumold Leading micro moulding specialist Accumold is pleased to announce that it will be contributing to the International Microtechnology Business Network (IVAM)...

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