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From data to decisions: Domo’s Brad Kasell explores emerging tech in manufacturing

Amid rapid technological progress and dynamic shifts in the business environment, businesses across all sectors must remain ahead of the curve. Brad Kasell, a seasoned expert in business intelligence and technology at Domo, a cloud-native data experiences innovator, shares his perspective on the emerging trends reshaping the manufacturing sector.

Troubleshooting from a distance: How remote support shapes today’s business processes

The rise of Internet of Things (IoT) devices creates significant opportunities for businesses by helping to streamline processes and uncover business efficiencies, but it can also present challenges in terms of managing and maintaining them in the case of these devices going offline.  

Advanced manufacturing needs to be taught nationwide, says Weld Australia

Weld Australia has called for a nationwide rollout of the Advanced Manufacturing School Outreach Program, an initiative in New South Wales that seeks to encourage kids in secondary schools to explore a meaningful career in the industry. 

Construction commenced on new renewable energy and manufacturing facilities in Townsville

Work on a $17.2 million expansion of TAFE Queensland's Bohle campus has begun, comprising two new renewable energy and advanced manufacturing training and skills facilities.

Korean research teams develop smart contact lens using 3D printer

Two research groups in Korea have collaborated to develop core technology for smart contact lenses that can implement augmented reality (AR)-based navigation through a 3D printing process.

TeamViewer digitalises warehouse operations at GlobalFoundries with AR-based picking solution

TeamViewer, a leading global provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalisation solutions, has announced that global semiconductor manufacturer, GlobalFoundries (GF), has deployed TeamViewer’s augmented reality (AR) platform, Frontline, to digitally transform its warehouse operations at its facility in Dresden, the largest semiconductor plant in Europe.

Predictions for 2023

Organisations across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) have seen significant change and evolution over the past few years, with many experiencing a rapid shift in the use of technology to streamline their operations and empower employees to work from anywhere.

New research: Augmenting the bottom line with extended reality technologies

Many Australian small-to-medium manufacturers are yet to realise the benefits of low-cost extended reality (XR) technologies, says Anthony Franzè, Industrial Designer and Project Coordinator at the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) Hub.

With tiny transistors, researchers pave the way for next-gen 2D technology

Flexible displays, augmented reality, next-gen wearables: researchers from UNSW Sydney have developed a tiny, transparent and flexible material to be used as a novel semiconductive component in transistors – potentially paving the way for emerging 2D electronic applications.

Ericsson forecasts manufacturing transformation by 2030

The new report by Ericsson IndustryLab, titled The Rise of the Smarter, Swifter, Safer Production Employee, predicts transformation of manufacturing enterprises by 2030. The report...

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SAP S/4HANA’s role in sustainable manufacturing

For business leaders in the Australian manufacturing industry, digital transformation is not just a buzzword—it is a necessity to stay ahead and maintain a competitive edge in operational efficiency.