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Steel maker Bisalloy enjoys ‘best year of defence exports’ in over a decade

Australian steel maker Bisalloy has had its best year of defence exports in over a decade, with a significant increase of 56% in sales...

Bisalloy and BlueScope to supply first trial order for SEA 1000

Australian steel makers Bisalloy and BlueScope have signed a contract with Naval Group Australia to produce up to 250 tonnes of specialised steel for...

Rheinmetall secures Land 400 Phase 2 project

The Australian Government has awarded the Land 400 Defence contract to Rheinmetall Defence Australia. The $5 billion contract will see Rheinmetall manufacture 211 new Combat Reconnaissance...

Australian steel maker Bisalloy to provide armour for ADF’s new military vehicles

The Bisalloy Steel Group has commenced the supply of its armour grade steel for the Hawkei protected mobility vehicles which will replace the Australian...

Local steel industry to benefit from subs contract

The Australian Steel Institute (ASI) has welcomed the award of the Future Submarine contract to French company DCNS, saying the move will open new...

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