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BAE, Heart Aerospace join forces to develop batteries for hybrid regional aircraft

Aerospace and defence company BAE Systems is partnering with Swedish startup Heart Aerospace to develop the battery system for Heart’s ES-30 regional hybrid electric aircraft.

Gilmour Space partners with Equipmake on EV tech for rocket program

Global electrification specialist Equipmake has been selected by  Australia’s leading space company, Gilmour Space Technologies, to support its commercial space rocket programme with the supply of advanced electric motors and inverters.

Micro muscles inspired by DNA supercoiling

Media Release University of Wollongong (UOW) researchers have mimicked the supercoiling properties of DNA to develop a new type of artificial muscles for use in...

Conductive lubricants will protect the vehicles of the future

New electrically conductive lubricants with substances that remain conductive even at higher voltage levels will help protect electric motors and alternators of the vehicles of...

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