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Ai Group reveals manufacturing’s impact on Australia’s energy efficiency agenda

Recent analyses based on the ABS's Energy Account 2021-22 have stressed the importance of manufacturing in Australia’s journey towards a low-carbon economy, emphasising that the decarbonisation of industries is a crucial component of the overall energy transition.

TCL doubles down on smart manufacturing for air conditioning production

TCL Electronics has completed Phase I of TCL Wuhan Intelligent Industrial Park, reiterating its smart manufacturing commitments to support the production of premium air conditioners with an annual manufacturing capacity of over six million units.

Online heat pump estimator launched to help businesses transitioning from gas

The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) has launched an online estimation tool that would help businesses in sizing heat pumps to replace gas boilers. 

Five ways to outsmart your summer energy bill

Due to increased costs across the global supply chain, Australians have been feeling the impact of sharp energy price increases. With summer quickly approaching, families are preparing for these bills to potentially climb even higher as they try to keep their home comfortable.

Modern Manufacturing Expo Wrap Up: Top priorities for Australian manufacturers made clear

Australia is perfectly poised to become a global leader in the production of high-value products across industries – but this cannot happen without the buy-in of local manufacturers.

CSIRO & Ecocentric to roll out new technology that improves energy use in buildings

CSIRO and start-up company Ecocentric are working on a system that is able to isolate the electrical ‘fingerprint’ of individual appliances to increase energy...

CSR Bradford teams up with Tesla to bring revolutionary residential battery storage solution to...

CSR Bradford, Australia’s leading manufacturer of premium energy saving insulation products, is collaborating with Tesla Energy to bring their leading Powerwall battery technology in...

Tesla to use Aussie Reposit Power technology

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) provided $445,000 in funding for Reposit Power (Reposit) to trial an on-grid solar photovoltaic (PV) energy storage and...

New Energy Working Group to restore Tasmania’s competitive advantage in energy

The Tasmanian Government has established the new Energy Working Group, which will directly advise the Government on key aspects of energy supply and consumption. According...

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