Five ways to outsmart your summer energy bill

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Media Release by Clipsal by Schneider Electric

Due to increased costs across the global supply chain, Australians have been feeling the impact of sharp energy price increases. With summer quickly approaching, families are preparing for these bills to potentially climb even higher as they try to keep their home comfortable.

According to the AEMC (Australian Energy Market Commission), the average annual Australian electricity bill comes to a whopping $1,645. Alarmingly, if left on all day at an approximate rate of 50 cents an hour, an air conditioner can add an extra $225 on the next quarterly bill.

Chris Kerr, Vice President of Home & Distribution at Clipsal by Schneider Electric, provides his top tips for using smart technology to beat the cost of the summer heat.

Hack #1 | Consider installing scalable smart home technology: smart technology is becoming more accessible, with more scalable options hitting the market over the past few years. Smart home technology, such as Clipsal WiserTM Smart Home, has been designed to save consumers money by consuming less power and saving energy. Even automating as little as the home lights so they aren’t accidentally left on eliminates unnecessary electricity costs during the summer months.

Hack #2 | Save on power-thirsty appliances: some of our home’s biggest energy suckers come from the most forgotten places. Appliances such as TV’s, stereos, gaming consoles, microwaves, washing machines and computers are all devices that are often left on standby mode, costing users money even when they aren’t in use. Smart home technology can help ensure these only stay on as long as needed including an ‘all off’ function for when the family leaves the house.

Hack #3 | Reduce your homes’ hidden energy wastage: when your energy cost spikes, you’re often left with the guessing game of trying to figure out if it was a result of heating, cooling, particular appliances, or electronic devices. Eliminate some of the guess work by automating the most common power thirsty devices through products such as Clipsal’s Wiser by SE app. By setting timers and schedules, homeowners can control how much and how often these devices such as air conditioners, heated towel rails, extractor fans, and lights are used to optimise energy and save on bills throughout peak seasons such as summer.

Hack #4 | Let your home work for you: thanks to the rapidly evolving technological landscape, we now have the ability to have overall seamless control of our homes. It’s not just lights either, home automation allows the user to automatically turn fans and air conditioners on and off when the optimal temperature is reached so you know these devices aren’t working all day, yet are keeping the living space cool all day round. Even blinds can be automated to open and close with the temperature to block out heat and keep cool air in.

Hack #5 | Get smart with energy goals: setting yourself goals is key to managing your energy.  Just like you can set a target to lose weight or run a marathon, you can set a goal for electricity usage through your smart technology. Saving energy relies on setting good habits and these products make it so much easier to visualise, quantify, set, and track goals around energy use. Some will even give you the ability to see historical patterns which can be used to set goals for energy usage over a specific period of time. This summer, why not make it a family challenge and enjoy an activity together through the holidays with the savings

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