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MGA Thermal receives $8.25m to expand its energy storage system

Australian clean energy company MGA Thermal has secured $8.25 million in funding as the company moves to scale its long-duration energy storage (LDES) solution. 

RMIT engineers develop proton battery for cheaper, sustainable energy storage

In the future, homes, cars, and other gadgets might be powered by an experimental ‘proton battery’ developed by RMIT researchers without the environmental challenges associated with lithium-ion batteries' end-of-life.

CIMIC’s UGL to build 35MW solar storage system in Western Australia

Australian construction company CIMIC Group’s subsidiary, UGL, has been selected by Hong Kong-based electricity and gas company Alinta Energy to install a 35-megawatt one-hour battery energy storage system (BESS) facility in Port Hedland, Western Australia.

PPK Group acquires interest in lithium battery manufacturer PowerPlus Energy

PPK Group Limited, a technology incubation and commercialisation, has completed the acquisition of majority interest in PowerPlus Energy (PPE), Australia’s largest privately-owned lithium battery manufacturer. 

PPK Group’s material interest acquisition with PowerPlus Energy now unconditional

Technology investor PPK Group Limited said its agreement to purchase a 33 per cent interest in Victoria-based storage battery manufacturer PowerPlus Energy is now unconditional. 

Australian company Novonix to produce battery materials in MENA region

Battery technology company Novonix has partnered with TAQAT Development Company to establish an incorporated joint venture that will produce anode materials needed for manufacturing...

Australian energy storage installations hit record high in 2022

A new report by energy sector consultancy SunWiz has revealed that the number of battery installations connected to solar systems increased by 55 per cent in 2022 when compared to installations in the previous year. 

Lancaster researchers reveal 3D internal structure of rechargeable batteries

Researchers from Lancaster University in England have developed a technique that allows them to see the 3D internal structure of rechargeable batteries for the first time.

Li-S Energy collabs with SafeREnergy in new solid-state lithium sulphur battery project

Li-S Energy has announced its new partnership with the SafeREnergy on a solid-state lithium-sulphur battery cell development project. 

Shell funding to accelerate MGA Thermal’s new commercial manufacturing hub

Global energy provider Shell has backed up Newcastle start-up MGA Thermal’s plan to gather valuable data to provide the urgent need for longer-duration energy storage (LIDES) solutions with a new US$400K (AUD$560K) funding.

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