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Queensland commits $47M for new water treatment facility in Burdekin

The Queensland Government has pledged substantial support for water security in the Burdekin region, with a comprehensive $46.88 million funding package. This package is...

Queensland announces $7.1M grant to help curb energy usage for manufacturers

The Queensland government has launched its new $7.1 million Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Grant (MEEG) program to help manufacturers curb their energy usage and cut energy costs. 

Made in Queensland’s latest round to offer $20M to local manufacturers

The Queensland government has released the guidelines for the sixth round of its Made in Queensland grants program, which will offer up to $20 million in funding to support local manufacturers. 

New critical minerals investment spurs sapphire glass manufacturing in Queensland

The Queensland Government is set to invest in Gladstone-based company Alpha HPA to facilitate the manufacturing of sapphire glass used in smartwatches and smartphones from locally produced alumina. 

Nominations open for Qld’s Women in Manufacturing Apprentice Awards 2024

The Queensland Government has unveiled the Women in Manufacturing Apprentice Awards during Manufacturing Month in a push to recognise the state’s leading female apprentices who demonstrate strong leadership skills in their workplace.

Chair Solutions wins Made in Queensland grant to expand manufacturing capabilities

Chair Solutions, the inaugural recipient of the Made in Queensland Round 5 funding, has been awarded $635,500 during Queensland Manufacturing Month to acquire new equipment and grow its business.

Queensland manufacturing to take centre stage at first Parliamentary Showcase

Twenty-six of Queensland’s leading manufacturers are set to showcase their capabilities at the first Parliamentary Manufacturing Showcase event to celebrate the state’s inaugural Manufacturing Month. 

‘You can make it here’: Celebrating Manufacturing Month in Queensland

Queensland is home to a rapidly expanding manufacturing industry that employs over 180,000 people working across a wide range of sectors, such as food and beverages, advanced medication, and the production of precision aerospace components. 

ZoneRV boosts capabilities after purchasing Australia’s largest 3D printer

Sunshine Coast caravan manufacturer ZoneRV has expanded its production with the purchase of the largest 3D printer in Australia after receiving a Made in Queensland grant of $1.16 million.

Queensland teams up with Titans NRLW to bring more women into manufacturing

The Queensland government has collaborated with Gold Coast Titans NRLW team to promote the Women in Manufacturing Strategy, a state initiative aimed at attracting and retaining women in the traditionally male-dominated industry. 


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