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Bosch Australia sleeping rough to make a difference to those experiencing homelessness

Media Release Bosch Australia sleeping rough to make a difference to those experiencing homelessness. Last night Bosch Australia hosted their seventh consecutive community sleepout and awareness...

Bosch Australia sets out to tackle homelessness

Over 60 Bosch Australia employees, including Bosch Australia President, Gavin Smith, slept outside at the Clayton headquarters on a piece of cardboard as part...

Bosch Australia steps up commitment to eliminate homelessness on Melbourne streets

Last night, Bosch Australia hosted their fifth consecutive community sleep-out and awareness campaign aimed at encouraging employees to participate, volunteer, or donate funds to...

STT Advertising

STT is a one-stop shop for outdoor advertising and signage solutions. With over 10 years of experience, we are specialised in Branding, Local Area Marketing and...

Electric Life Australia

Electric Life prides itself in sourcing the highest quality products such as electric window mechanisms, power window motors, power window switches as well as motor and regulator assemblies. We cater for European, Japanese, Korean and American vehicles including commercial vans and small to heavy duty trucks.

Exigo Tech Pty Ltd – Technology Made Simple

Based out of Sydney, Australia, Exigo Tech is in the business of helping companies create robust IT infrastructure, develop intuitive applications, automate business processes and add value to their clients with digital transformation and business consulting. As a solution provider, Exigo Tech enables businesses to achieve high operational efficiency and enhanced productivity with their range of services in project management, cognitive solutions, Microsoft Dynamics and more. Exigo Tech is also recognised as one of the leading cloud service providers offering private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Exigo Tech offers added agility to their customers via perfectly tailored disaster recovery solutions which is inclusive of managed services, backup, recovery and other security services. Exigo Tech provides app or application development services which augments the digital transformation journey for many of their clients.